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Wellington Event Photography is an expert photography service that specializes in capturing the essence of any Wellington event. Our team of professional photographers is committed to providing high-quality photos that tell the story of each event.

We know how important it is to capture the perfect moment at a corporate event, wedding or social gathering. Our photographers are experts at capturing candid photos, group shots, and all of the important details to make each event memorable.

Wellington Event Photography takes pride in our ability to blend into any event and ensure minimal disruption. Our photographers are equipped to the highest standards with the latest equipment and have the technical expertise necessary to capture stunning images under any lighting or environmental conditions.

We offer flexible packages that can be tailored to suit the specific needs and budget of each client. We can accommodate any size event, from small intimate gatherings to larger-scale events. Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service and exceed our clients' expectations, providing them with a collection of photographs that they can treasure for years to come.

In addition to event coverage, Wellington Event Photography also provides post-event services such as photo editing, retouching, and album design. We believe in delivering a complete photography solution that saves our clients time and effort.

Wellington Event Photography will capture the essence of any event. With our skillful photographers and commitment to excellence, we guarantee to provide you with a collection of images that will bring your event to life every time you look at them.


About Porirua

Porirua, (Māori: Pari-ā-Rua) a city in the Wellington Region of the North Island of New Zealand, is one of the four cities that constitute the Wellington metropolitan area. The name 'Porirua' is a corruption of 'Pari-rua', meaning "the tide sweeping up both reaches". It almost completely surrounds Porirua Harbour at the southern end of the Kāpiti Coast. As of June 2023, Porirua has a population of 60,900. == Name == The name "Porirua" has a Māori origin: it may represent a variant of pari-rua ("two tides"), a reference to the two arms of the Porirua Harbour.

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